Accelerate online training is built on the Accelerate values of team, partnership and adaptive learning. Lock-step delivery of information is not really the best way to help people learn. Therefore, the Accelerate training site offers people the opportunity to explore content and start their own learning at any point. We want to provide the best learning environment possible for students of gospel movements.



We build teams that listen to God, listen to one another and listen to their city. Why are teams important? To most of us in Accelerate, it's obvious - Jesus started with a team! Teams have become an intricate part of our culture...



Accelerate teams work globally in the following regions: Africa, Americas, Asia & Europe. We do this through building partnerships. Accelerate is a global network of relational teams that create, sustain and extend movements of the Gospel around the world. These teams consist of leaders from various organizations, agencies and churches.


We equip teams to
multiply Gospel 
  • “The Accelerate training has transformed our organization and our people. It has led to multiplication of the gospel. We highly recommend you join the movement!”

    David Broodryk
    Tan Foundation, South Africa
  • “One of the most powerful approaches I’ve seen to catalyzing contemporary apostolic movements is called ‘Accelerate’ …it is a fresh expression of initiatives in the missions world… and provides highly effective evangelism and discipleship processes to create and sustain gospel movements.”

    Dr. Sam Metcalf
    CRM, USA
  • “Accelerate is one of the most exciting developments in the world of Disciple Making Movements. A holistic strategic approach to seeing movements born and sustained has been a real need. The Accelerate Teams approach is helping to meet this need!”

    David Parish
    WME, USA & Honduras
  • "Collaboration is a word easily thrown around in missions circles. But few of us have actually found a way forward together. The day of working in our silos must end. I believe Accelerate is the way forward. I am thrilled to be a part of this team!"

    Chris Shelby
    African Missions, MRN
The Accelerate Guidebook serves as a guide to our teams around the world. It describes the basic elements of gospel movements.

The content is a constant work in progress, informed by our teams from every global region.
Watch video, download resources, complete an online learning module or learn from real-life case studies