We are a global network of teams
committed to multiplying
gospel movements

We have a vision is to see the fulfilment of the Great Commission through self-replicating, disciple making, transformational Gospel movements in all the nations of the world.  
Our hearts burn with a vision to see the fulfilment of the Great Commission. The most effective and profound expression of this in our time is known as a gospel movement. Sometimes people also refer to “Church Planting Movements” or “Disciple Making Movements.”
Movements of the Gospel have emerged globally over the past 20 years and are gaining momentum through the efforts of multiple partners, ministries and organizations. These movements are happening through ordinary people who are willing to obey Jesus, make disciples, and multiply the Gospel into their natural social networks. They are also the greatest hope for the cultural transformation of families, communities and nations.  

We define these movements by three distinctive qualities:     


The extraordinary growth of Movements of the Gospel are characterized by each part multiplying itself.


A process of leading individuals, families and communities to follow Jesus and live under his rule.


Families and communities restored as healing comes through the power of the Gospel.


Accelerate has identified the character qualities of effective movement leaders and is continually searching for new, aspiring and emerging leaders.  We serve these leaders and their teams by helping them discover best Gospel movement practices through a process that is:

  • Strategic

    rather than tactical and prescriptive

  • Ongoing

    rather than ‘once-off’ or event-based

  • 'Just in time'

    practical mentoring when needed

  • Relational

    and interactive

  • Discovery-based

    rather than a lecture-based format

  • Adaptive

    to each person’s unique challenges and local context

The Accelerate model seeks to produce the most fruit by training and mentoring leaders to respond to change, adapt rapidly and build movements that continue to multiply.

Do you have a desire to see a Gospel Movement or to network with other movement teams around the world?  Then we invite you to join hands with us and let’s do this together…