The Urban Frontier

What will it take to reach our cities?

by David Broodryk

“Something is wrong,” I blurted out, as I sat upright in bed.  It was a Sunday morning.  My wife and I were pastoring a church that we had planted five years earlier. I felt a tremendous sense of unease as I woke up early to prepare for the meeting that day.

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Red, white then blue


by Phil Allesi, Sept. 2017

“There were several leaders from area churches gathered together for the baptism service at the jail.  Each was sharing about what they were doing with inmates at the jail.  I was asked so what do you do? 

My quick answer: Red, White then Blue”

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2017 Accelerate Europe DMM training event

Beautiful Budapest was host to the 2017 Accelerate Europe DMM training event held 26 to 30 May 2017.

Church and missions leaders from a dozen countries attended the training. After the event one experienced mission leader said: “I wanted to let you all know that I found this training event to be one of the best I have experienced in my last 14 years on the mission field. We had a very good mix of trainers (you all brought a significant range of experience), important insights into various aspects of Disciple-Making Movements, and many practical learnings and discoveries around the tables. Thanks so much for making this effort to come and inspire us.”

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News from the USA Accelerate Team

By Joe Reed (the guy with the beard, grey shirt and glasses)

Let’s be honest, catalytic work for the Kingdom of God is a lonely gig. You’re often misunderstood, brushed aside, or thought negatively of. That was my reality for a long time in New England. In some cases, it’s still going on.

But this picture says something different now. This picture represents many hours at dining room tables, gallons of coffee consumed, and many difficult and exciting moments. This picture is the rising up of “ordinary” people for God’s great purposes in New England.

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The 'A-Team' in South Africa.

by Pheto Ratua

Young South Africans are forming teams, groups and gatherings to heal their communities through the love of Christ.

A normal business day in South African townships starts at 4am. Taxi ranks, train stations and other public transportation are already in a hustle and bustle. Some going into work, others 2 hours away from knocking off - the story of a people fighting to survive.

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