News from the USA Accelerate Team

By Joe Reed (the guy with the beard, grey shirt and glasses)

Let’s be honest, catalytic work for the Kingdom of God is a lonely gig. You’re often misunderstood, brushed aside, or thought negatively of. That was my reality for a long time in New England. In some cases, it’s still going on.

But this picture says something different now. This picture represents many hours at dining room tables, gallons of coffee consumed, and many difficult and exciting moments. This picture is the rising up of “ordinary” people for God’s great purposes in New England.

Wally, in the Red shirt to the top right, was the first person I met in New England. He helped me identify the first place I would live when my family relocated to Boston. He cheered me on when everyone else said “this will never work”. He has consistently been my Barnabas and an invaluable member of the New England wide team that is forming.

Dan, the bottom left, was introduced to me a few years back at a fisherman’s wharf in Boston. Our common friend, Ralph, invited me to this remote place because he thought I might be interested in what God was doing with Dan. I was! Dan has been a critical addition to the team through training and mentoring.

What I want to do right now is go through every person on this image and tell you why they are critical to the whole. But there are a lot of people there. It didn’t start that way. But through relationships, time, perseverance and a lot of Holy Spirit conviction, people are coming to Christ in New England, joining the team of disciple-makers, and continuing to expand His good news here.

What is happening in New England is also happening across North America. The Lord is beginning to draw together people from across denominations and organizations. They are being drawn together around our Lord Jesus Christ and His invitation to participate in accelerating His movement in our continent.

God is good. It’s hard sometimes, but He has not forgotten you or your people.