Berlin Accelerate Training 2018

Berlin is home to 4 million people from 192 cultures. It is the dream destination for many refugees from war-torn countries because the capitol of Germany is peaceful and economically growing. It’s a great place to live in!

22% of Berlin is covered in green spaces and early spring was especially sunny and warm this year. It was the perfect setting for the 2nd European Accelerate Training held from 5 - 8 May 2018. The first European training was held in 2017 in beautiful Budapest.

40 Leaders from 10 countries attended the training and a record number of training facilitators participated - in DMM it’s all about on-the-job-training and multiplication-of-leaders, after all!


We had teams from Spain, Germany, the UK, Hungary and Serbia, as well as some non-European countries that can’t be mentioned for obvious reasons.

The training curriculum centered around the principle that all Movements of the Gospel are Prayer movements, Disciple Making movements, Leadership Development movements, Church Formation movements and Societal Transformation movements – 5 Movements in one.

A strong foundation was laid the first two days by emphasizing the importance of listening prayer: “Lord, what do you want me to KNOW, and what do you want me to DO?” The waiting and listening part is critical if we want our obedience to be complete and effective.


(Above: Berlin Accelerate DMM trainees being briefed for a prayer walk through the city)

The morning of Day 2 was prayer walk time! We were split into various teams and went on a guided prayer walk into various spiritual hotspots in the city. This really brought home the importance that a Movement of the Gospel is about finding out where God is working and joining Him in his work.


(The team from Spain)

The aim of the trainings is always the formation of a local team that will take responsibility for their continent and countries. We are delighted that a local European team is forming and beginning to take over the leadership from the outside leaders.

If you are interested in the Berlin Accelerate Workbook, we’d be happy to send you the PDF document.

A big shout out to the Berlin team who hosted us!


If you want to connect with the Accelerate Europe team, or invite Accelerate trainers to come and train, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.