We are a global network of teams
committed to multiplying gospel movements.

Centrality of Christ

Jesus Christ, through His ultimate sacrifice, reunited us with God. Our abiding life with Christ motivates and empowers us to love and serve others.

Authority of Scripture

We deeply value the Bible as God’s written Word through which anyone can encounter God’s love and truth with the help of the Holy Spirit. 

Obedience based disciple making

We believe our love for our Savior is best demonstrated by our obedience to his commands. It is the obedient response to what is discovered in Scripture that causes the fruitful growth of the disciple and the transformation of families and as a result.  These movements are effective because they have tapped into the power of multiplication.

Pursuit of the lost

Our focus is on reaching those who are far from God, with a particular priority on unreached people groups who have never heard the Gospel.  We also place a strong emphasis on urban centers, where over 70% of the world’s population will reside by the year 2050.

Movement through multiplication

We are co-laboring with Christ to build multiplying Gospel Movements that result in relevant expressions of Biblical community and societal transformation. The DNA of replication is embedded and reflected in everything we do. 

Dependence on God

We believe that it is Jesus who builds his Church and that we are called into partnership by joining Him wherever He is already at work. Jesus authenticated His message as He healed the sick, raised the dead and set the captives free. We believe the Holy Spirit will do the same today through us as we obey His Word and rely on His empowering presence.

Servant team leadership

We believe that a team approach to ministry best expresses the biblical pattern of servant leadership. We can accomplish more by humbly working together than any individual ever could. In this way, God receives the glory rather than the individual.  Our leadership influence is intentionally exercised “behind the scenes” and is often invisible.  We serve from a posture of humility.

Adaptive peer learning

We cultivate a culture of creativity and continual improvement by embracing the disciplines of accountability, experimentation and evaluation. We encourage adaptation, innovation and discovery based learning at every level. Our expectation is that new ideas and contextually relevant practices will consistently emerge from the entire movement.

Ordinary people

We believe that the greatest positive change to society will come as ordinary men and women of every generation minister together in teams. By empowering others through coaching and mentoring, we strategically participate in the fulfilment of the Great Commission without creating an unhealthy dependence on us. 


We build collaborative partnerships across multiple organizations, creating resilience by avoiding dependence on any single entity. We value a relational form of ministry that celebrates friendship and community in a culture of mutual respect under the Kingdom rule of God.

Transformation outcome

Under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit we co-labor with God for the transformation of hearts and minds. Transformed people transform society and bring healing to their communities. Gospel Movements ultimately establish God’s will on the earth as it is done in heaven.